What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?


When you’re in the market for a home or want to sell one, it pays to have a real estate agent on your side. These professionals are licensed and trained to guide you through the process. They’re in touch with the local market, know the latest industry trends and can help you set a fair price for your property. Real estate agents are often members of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). If you’re working with a member, they’ll be identified as such on their business card and website.

The majority of real estate agents work on commission. This means that their pay is tied to the number of homes they sell and close. They also need to invest time in marketing, prospecting and other administrative tasks. In addition, they must meet continuing education requirements to maintain their licenses. For more info https://www.cashforhousesfl.com/sell-my-house-fast-gateway-fl/

A real estate agent is a key player on the buying and selling sides of the real estate transaction. They may specialize in residential or commercial properties, or both. They have extensive knowledge of the local market and can provide you with comparable prices, tax information and other important data for each type of property.

When representing buyers, real estate agents find properties that meet their clients’ needs. They’re in touch with the local listings and have access to multiple listing services, which allow them to uncover properties that aren’t yet publicly available. They also know how to stage a property for a showing, prepare an offer and negotiate on behalf of their client.

Real estate agents also have to be able to quickly identify and understand a buyer’s financial situation. They’ll likely ask for copies of bank statements and other documents to assess creditworthiness. They’ll then help the buyer obtain a loan and choose a mortgage lender. In some cases, an agent will be a liaison between the seller and buyer’s lenders and title or escrow agents.

The closing process can be lengthy and complicated. An agent will have to juggle meeting times and locations with a mortgage lender, the other party’s real estate agent or broker, the buyers’ attorneys and possibly title or escrow agents. Agents also have to prepare contracts, manage disclosures and answer any questions or concerns that might come up during negotiations or inspections.

A real estate agent’s job can be challenging but rewarding. The skillset required for this career is broad, and it requires a combination of skills including sales, marketing, negotiation, administration and client relationship management. It’s an excellent career choice for people who enjoy working with others and who are able to keep up with ever-changing market conditions.


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